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WTS: various parts.

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Hello everyone, I need to sell a couple of things. Shipping not included, pm me for pics.
PDI M24 hopup chamber $40 obo

CA M24 mags X2 25$ obo

M24 Stock $50 obo

M24 outer barrel and reciever $30 obo

KWA USPc old system w/o mag $35 obo

Digicon .3 gram bbs $10 obo

Stock CA m24 trigger mech $25 obo

360% spring $10 obo

Vaccuum piston $15 obo

9mm spring guide $10 obo
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I take it the outer barrel is sold?
If it isn't I would like to buy all the CA m24 parts you have. I want an m24.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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