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WTS: VSR-10 Fully Loaded $675

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This is for sale from someone I know through Filforce if anyone is interested. Contact me if you really want it.

Marui VSR-10 G SPEC
For an idea of the accuracy this gun has, at the t4t game i was able to snipe one of the filforce guys in the head from the opposite end of the four forts field.
Here is a break down of all that is included with the package deal.
TM VSR10 Gspec
PDI 690 mm outer barrel
PDI PSG-1 6.01mm inner barrel custom cut for the PDI outer
Laylax Zero trigger with NEO piston
Laylax Teflon Cylinder
Laylax Dampener cylinder head
Laylax PSS 170 spring (550 fps w/ .2's)
Laylax Metal spring guide
Shooter's RIdge Rock Mount 9-13" Bipod
(all of the above is currently installed on/in the gun)
These are all the extras included:
4 VSR mags total, one JG and 3 TM
all the original stock parts
Laylax Vacuum Piston
2 Spare JG trigger units
Spare JG hop up unit
Gspec mock silencer
Gspec silencer adapter so you can user any silencer/flash hider.
Custom burlap gun wrap
I will event throw in my remaining SGM bbs, a Tasco 3-9x scope, and a custom reversible (winter/summer) ghillie.
I am asking $675 obo
If you need any specific pics, pm me.
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*drool*. Give me a month and I might have the $$.

As is, my best offer would be like $475 in a week or so...I don't want to lowball him though. Ask him if there's anything in the area of L96 parts, buckings, dbc barrel, etc. he'd be interested in. Also, I don't need the extras (scope, BB's, and ghillie) if that makes a difference. Send me a Pm if you don't mind.

Couple questions: who performed the custom cut (was it a DIY thing or did PDI ship it that way?), and what bucking is he running in there?

Nice find!
I PM'ed the seller and asked him to come on over to answer your questions.

This is the weapon in use. I asked him to stage this so I could get a picture for ACED. He told me that he was able to hit two people from across a field we were playing at. Easily 150 yard shots. They even called their hits.
Christ...normally a fully upgraded gun is accurate to ~200 feet, with lucky shots at ~300. I'm guessing that's not his normal engagement distance
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I dunno. I'm sure he didn't only take one shot hit his point of aim, but is impressive.
Is there a way for me to get in contact with him?

That's him. You'll probably have to sign up to get in touch.
howdy, i'm the seller from the filforce forums. sorry but i don't need l96 parts, i'm actually selling both of my sws's (the other one being a tanaka aics/L96). right now the vsr is using a stock marui bucking and the barrel was custom cut by my machinist.
EDIT: Mwahahaha all mine. Thanks a ton for the heads up phridium. And this is my first vsr-10, so if anyone has tips on not brutalizing it, now's the time!
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