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Up for sale is my treasured Vsr-10. Originally this gun was a jg bar-10, the stock parts were replaced wih a tokyo mauri inner barrel, piston, bucking, and trigger grouping. On top of that the whole gun is practically foam filled. One of the screws on the top rail is missing, so it's a tad loose, I currently hold it tightly down with e-tape and a rubber band. The hop-up adjuster on the outside is also broke off, so in order to adjust you have to take the top half apart from the bottom, which is very simple. I will include a extra mag, the scope pictured on the gun ( lost the scope covers), and a 1/4 full bag of goldenball .30s. I can provide a video of gun functioning if wanted. Last chronoed at 425fps with a .20. The current asking price is $100 shipped.

Trades: Jg bar-10 g-spec

Sorry if the picture size is too large, I can't seem to figure out how to make the other one smaller. Also just so the moderators know, I was a member on the old sniper forum for more than 3 months.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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