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For sale are some various parts that fit in the Bar-10/Vsr10 platform.

I'll start the list:

Vsr10 Trigger unit - $25 shipped
Stock metal housing, stock main pin, upgraded trigger sear (not sure what brand), brand new SHS steel piston sear. I bought all this and never ended up using it because I decided to get a zero trigger. Should handle a fairly heavy spring. (This is the unit that is pictured separately below)

Vsr10 Trigger unit (for parts) - $15 shipped
Everything is stock on this one. The piston sear is rounded but all other parts should be functional. Also comes with a second piston sear that is slightly rounded, but may be salvageable.

JG Bar-10 Rail - $10 shipped
Never used. Thought I was going to use it on my Bar10, but ended up getting a different rail.

Bar-10 Spring set - $8 Shipped
Comes with a stock JG spring and a used m170.

Ball bearing spring guides - $8 shipped
One Bar-10 spring guide and one l96 spring guide. The l96 style spring guide is missing one ball in the bearing.

Stock Barrel and bucking - $10 plus shipping
The barrel is in good condition. It was only used for a couple hundred rounds before it was taken out of the gun. The bucking is the stock JG bucking. It has a small piece out of the end, but should still keep a good airseal (especially with a dental-floss mod)

These prices are all for individual items. If you are buying more than one piece, I can significantly lower the price due to the lower shipping cost.

Take the whole lot for $45 shipped

PayPal only.

No trades, except for Siegetek gears (I can add cash if necessary)

If you are interested, PM me. If you are interested in more than one item, I can give you a new quote.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



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