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Due to the time demands of graduate school I am selling my WE M14 GBB, the EBR Kit, extra RA-Tech parts, and a Plano gun case. Here are all of the components being sold:

  • WE M14 GBB w/ original stock
  • Full WE M14 EBR Kit
  • RA-Tech Trigger Set
  • NEW and unopened WE M14 GBB Magazine
  • RA-Tech Receiver w/ Marking
  • UTG 50 MM Scope
  • RA-Tech Inner Barrel (Long)
  • RA-Tech Inner Barrel (Short)
  • Harris Bipod
  • M14 G&P Mock Sup. (X2)
  • RA-Tech Bolt Cover
  • NEW and unopened RA-Tech NPAS Aluminum Nozzle
  • RA-Tech Steel Tappet
  • Plano Gun Case
  • Condor Bungee Sling

Asking Price: $1050.00

Gun has never been skirmished and has only been used around three times for light target shooting over the past year of ownership. If you have any questions or want additional photos, please let me know. All of these components add up to around $1800. This bundle deal is almost half-price for everything. Thank you for your time and interest.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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