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Well hello forum.
I know I have read the rules and everything.
My rules.
1 I will accept trades on everything.
2. Give a realistic offer. No like hehe 1 dollar.
3. I will lowball all of my offers already so don`t expect much lower.
4 You will pay shipping.
5. You pay first. I am still new to this.

Ok the first thing up.
CSI Mp5. For sale 150 dollars. Shipping is not in the number yet.
What I give you.
The gun.
3 mags.
A 30 mm red dot mount.
The gun is full metal with ris rails too. Only non metal part is the stock.
Also comes with CA High torque motor.
CA Gears.
CA connection levers.
FPS 350.
Fires nice and smooth.
Optional if you want I can add a foregrip if you want.
Here a video.
Of course it is the mp5.

The next is a JG Bar10. YAY!
In the same video as the one for the famas.
Shoots 480.
Confirmed kills 240ish feet.
I am selling for boneyard as I have killed my hopup.
The only part you need is a new arm that moves the hopup arm.
Probably like a 6 dollar part.
Comes with desert camo.
Very nice for a base gun as most of you know.
Of course you don`t get the acog.
I am selling as broken for 65 dollars.

This is what my friend wants to sell.
The link explains it all.
Comes with 4 mags.
3 non working. Easily fixable. 1 working.
He is looking to trade for a glock. 18 is what he is looking for.
He is not a noob, just has high hopes. For sale 80 dollar.

Up next is a vest.
Explains it all.
Very good condition.
Again he has high hopes would like a glock.
For sale 45.

Willing to combine both for a glock 18. Willing to accept any trades for both or one.

Back to my part. I am willing to sell all guns in the video.
Things that are not getting able.
JG G3. Currently as we speak it is on its way to Texas.
KJW Mk1.I guess I will let trades and money for this. Comes with everything in the video. Armory video p2. Things I would like either a good aeg or a SVD or a L96.
Some info on it.
Shoots 600 fps.
Confirmed kills 300 feet.
Kills at 200 feet is easy.
Remeber I only use iron sight.
I am most feared at my field when I decided to pull it out.

I am accepting any trades you want to shoot at me. I will not accept any cqb guns because I am looking to jump completely into the BASR world. I am so sad my bar 10 died.

So you can post any offers down there. In the thread or you can pm. I would like if you post offers but pm me personal stuff.
Have a good day.

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No interest. Anyone. If you don`t like tell me. If you want pictures just ask. I will add.

Edit: I have decided to open my famas.
Famas now will include
Scope mount
New silver m110 spring. Bigger than the other old one.
Something unbelievable.
Perfect airseal haha!!!
Perfect airseal on a 30 dollar springer rifle.
Everything has been cleaned.
Everything will be for 21 dollars.

Review for lolz will be up on the review section soon.

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Nah I really want the SVD. I don`t care if it is breaking down. I always wanted a svd. I am a AK person. The reason why I have no m4. Everything I am selling will help fund the svd. Also my famas is coming together nicely. I am surprised that I was able to install aeg springs and make a perfect airseal with my piston and cylinder.
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