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Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the most eye-catching piece you will ever lay your eyes on. This one of a kind item was created by "Andy" (personal friend of mine) and he is on the Airsoftia and AirsoftBarracks forums. Many many hours went into this rifle as well as a plethora of aftermarket parts and custom modifications. As it sits right now, you can take pretty much any real steel 10/22 stock and just slip the firing group/barrel into it as you wish. Now down to business... It is up for sale OR trade (has to be something noteworthy as well) as personal problems have sprung up in my life.

The total package includes:
-Customized 10/22
-Rest of my .40g bb's (600-700 probably)
-Seven (7) leak free magazines, 2 long and 5 short type
-Russian SKS rig to hold magazines (if you wish)
-Seven (7) HSGI P-Taco Pouches

The total build on the 10/22 was extensive and no shortcuts were taken:
-New Version 2 bolt (sanded down for cleaner cycle and its silver now :p)
-Falcon Bucking for 10/22
-Shimmed Hop-up
-6.01 Tight Bore Barrel (Believe it is RA-Tech)
-RA-Tech Extended Magazine Release
-Real Steel Boyd's SS Evolution Stock
-Real Steel 10/22 Volquartson Target Trigger
-Chrome Fluted Outerbarrel (cannot recall brand)
-Silver Rails
-Silver/Chrome Barska Scope (3-9x40) with VERY good eye relief
-Enlarged Charging Handle
-more upgrades but that is all I can remember, not to mention the labor it took to put all this together

Performance wise she chrono'd a crisp ~360 w/.4g madbull bb's this past weekend at Fulda Gap here in NC and was achieving 300ft shots (with a short barrel!)

Asking price/trades: For trades, I am not really specific but am partial to unique M4 variant platforms (do NOT pm me with your little Dboy/JG/KWA/etc, I am ONLY looking at G&P's). As for an asking price (because I HAVE to have one), I would put this at $600 shipped OBO (I am very flexible, so do not be scared to work with me).

Here are a couple teaser pics and the rest of the photobucket album will be below. 1022 Build/
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