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I have for sale two guns that I don't use anymore. I am negtionable so feel free to offer the worst i can say is no.

First off is my Echo 1 M28. This gun has new Airsoft Gi sears (yes i know not the best) that have replaced the old crappy ones. Everything else is stock that i can remember. (Been a long time) The gun has very little cosmetic wear and has never been skirmished. The only problem with this gun is it has the tendecy to double feed quite often, and because i dont have the time to look at it I dont know why. I think it has to do with the hop-up assembly. The gun will come with one mag threaded barrel adapter, Harris bipod and thats it.
Im asking 145$ but like i said price is negotionable.
(Pics on request)

Last we have my dboys spr mod 0. This gun has never had its gearbox opened. The gun also has little comsetic damage and has been skirmished only once. The gun is in perfect working order and know major problems. The only minor problem is that the gun's spring is shooting a low fps. A simple spring swap will fix the problem. This is a perfect peice for a dmr build. Asking 155$.
(pics on request)
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