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Over summer I purchased a G&G f2000 to try out the bullpup style rifle and see if I enjoyed that possible dmr route or not. I couldn't be more pleased with the gun. It has a sort of magic to it that I dont want to knock off. The sound of the gun is different from any other aeg I have heard. Almost a muffled pop. It performs wonderfully and the adjustable fps is a godsend. It has been used in 3 ops (loaner for my gf, my dad, and brother). Sadly I have yet to use it once in an op. I always try to give my most reliable firearm to any guest that I bring. And this gun takes the cake in Reliability.

It kind of stinks to sell it but after getting the polar star fusion engine, I want to put all my money into that. I'd like to sell it for $250 ($100+ less then what is offered online).

I am up for trades but have a slightly narrow list.

KWA ATP and/or mags
Magpul pts masada
A&K masada
Magpul long type (12") handguard
G&P Magpul Type PTS Metal Body for m16/m4
magpul UBR stock
Magpul PRS stock

Any offer I'll listen to, but those are what I am looking for.

Thank you :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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