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Hey i'm hoping to sell my Bar-10 i love the gun but sadly have gotten bored of it :(.I will trade but you need to send me a pm of what gun that you are wanting to trade.Send me a PM of your offer i bought it for 400$ keep that in mind.

The upgrades are:

JG Bar-10
PDI parts are as follows.....
.... 9mm spring guide
.... 130 spring
--- Vaccum piston
.... silent piston head
.... V trigger
TM pro hop up chamber
Nine ball hop up bucking
Decent 3-9x50 scope

As seen in the pictures below there is a short barrel. I bought this gun off this forum when i bought it i thought dang this barrel better be good and it was fine had great accuracy. The Trigger is wearing a little but it's still working beautifully.

I apologize for the horrible quality.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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