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Hey guys Im selling my beloved JG AUG A3. I moded the stock so it can hold a a slightly large 9.6 volt battery. The gun has been used in only two games and I have cleaned and lubed it after every use. this gun is worth $220 brand new, Im looking to get $120 out of it OBO.
I also forgot to mention that is has a rienforced gearbox.
2 8.4 volt batteries
1 high cap mag
non folding bitch grip

sniper rifle
M4/M16 varient
m14 variant
scar variant
G36 variant
something new

PM me if your interested
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... and wait 3 months give or take to make a sale post i do believe...

Rule Number 1: -Trying to sell something on your first post is prohibited. You must make an introduction in the "Introduction Section" before you attempt to sell anything, or be a known member on the forum.

Other Rule: Do not make a sale thread unless you have been a member of this board for more than 2 months or unless you have been cleared by a mod/admin to do such. The hope of this is to remove any/all scammers out there that simply come on to sell some stuff, and then take your money and scram, with you not knowing anything about them, and with us only having an IP.
Yeah what concerns me is that this is photoshopped onto a red background, not having an actual picture taken. Also him saying sr25sniper in his account name when is a steyr. And if your legit just mod it the steyr could be a really good dmr.
In his defense, I saw this exact same picture on Michigan Airsoft Forum. Same price, gun and everything. Maybe its him, which means he is not a scammer as he is a active member on their. I am not positive though.
Yes I a member on MIA and Airsoft of Kalamazoo.
my name on MIA is G36ASSAULT.
my name on AOK is Slate.
Thiis is the actual picture of my gun and I am trying to sell it because I dont like the feel of the gun.
I am more of a M16 type DMR or regular M24 type rifle.
if you want me to I will delete this thread.
I will post an intro thread.
Hey I am interested in buying this, is it still for sale? If the body is in good condition, I am willing to pay a bit more than 120 :) I need some aug parts for my DMR project.
1. Make an intro post.
2. Read the rules.
3. Don't necropost.
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