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Hey guys, its been quite a while since Ive been on here and frankly I havent had the time to play alot of airsoft but I have 3 months till I go off for bootcamp for the Marines so Im looking into getting another gun before I leave.

Up for grabs today is a KWA SR-12 that is a really sweet gun and I really hate to get rid of it but I want something else. Its been modded externally in a machine shop to have an 11in barrel (no this has not effected my accuracy with this set up at all.) from the 20in it had stock. It shoots 550 FPS w/ a .28g BB and has 90 yard EFFECTIVE can reach out to 100 with it and I have at times. Ill list everything thats in it along with rules and what not:

Trades are what Im really looking for (will list what I want below)
--Upgraded Tanaka's
--KJW 10/22 (Would love one of these, would take it ina heartbeat)
--Upgraded KJW M700's

DO NOT OFFER AEG's or Spring Rifles, Gas is all Im looking for.

In case of trades I do NOT ship first unless you have good feedback then we ship same time.

Any offers, please PM me.

Now on to the gun.

Externals: (Everything included)
-CA XM177 ret. stock (G&P Buffer Tube -$45))
-Original full stock included
-G&P 30mm Red/Green Dot ($35)
-King Arms Ambi. Mag release ($30)
-Stock Rail System (Cut 2 inches)
-Stock Gas Block (Gas Tube Cut to fit)
-Barrel Cut down to 11in (rethreaded on CNC lathe and gas block pin holes milled)
-G&P Zombie Killer Silencer (Black -$65)
-G&P Special Forces Silencer (Tan -$65)
-Upper Painted in Krylon Ultra Flat tan (will paint black upon request)
-King Arms vert grip ($15)

-Stock Spring Guide
-SYSTEM (not systema) 165 Spring ($50)
-AIM Full Metal teeth piston ($25)
-Stock Piston Head w/ new #14 O-ring
-Guarder Type 0 Lucid Chromium Cylinder ($35)
-Guarder Double O-ring Stainless Steel Cylinder Head ($30)
-Stock Air Nozzle
-Stock 2GX Gearset
-Stock Anti Reversal Latch
-New KWA Trigger Switch ($20)
-Echo 1 Hop Up Bucking ($6)
-AMP High Tourque Motor ($45)
-Wired to rear with deans connectors

So everything with the gun ($395) is $861.00.

So there ya have it. The set price for this item will be $370. Im pretty firm on the price but offer whatever just no lowballing.

Im really looking for trades but money is nice too lol. Any questions? Feel free to contact me on here.

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