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hey guys so im selling my tokyo marui vsr g-spec . ill put up pics and possibly videos(if requested) shortly. Its completely pdi except for the stock, and outer barrel. up grades include
PDI Zero Trigger- $150
PDI Cylinder Set (cylinder, piston, piston head, spring guide, air nozzle)- $230
PDI B Reciever- $120
PDI 300% spring (700 FPS w/ .2...with the coils cut it should shoot in the 500s)- $25
PDI 430mm 6.03mm TBB- $130
barrel spacers- $20
Firefly hard bucking- $20
and of course the base gun TM vsr g spec- roughly $280
All together thats $975
im asking $500-550 (may be negotionable).Also may trade for certain gas rifles.
any questions or concerns just ask. will have pics up shortly.

Quick video overview
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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