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WTS/WTT Tanaka M700 ACIS $400 obo

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WTS/WTT Tanaka M700 ACIS. $400obo. Also will ship for free. Looking to sell or trade my tanaka. Love the gun but never get to use it. I have put less the 2000 rounds through it. When I bought it I also bought a 2000 round bag of .36g madbull bb's. There is still like 500 bb's in the thing. No major mods. I drilled and taped the front end so I could thread in a 14 negitive thread adaptor. Will come with the adaptor and a supressor. Also will come with a 1.5 x 6 by 50mm leapers red/green scope(not scope in pic), one working mag and a broken mag that a buddy gave me. It no longer has the bipod on it. I am taking offers on it. I have about $750 into it with out shipping.

Or I would trade it for real steel guns. Trades would have to be in Michigan.

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You mentioned the bipod isn't on it anymore. Is is still available for separate sale at all? If not, any info as to where you got it, I've been looking for one that mounts like that.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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