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Hey there guys,
So recently , a little before christmas, i purchased a tanaka m40a1 gas airsoft sniper rifle and i love it.
But i rarely make it out to events anymore, im just too busy with the band. So im selling the rifle because i fell it does not receive the love or use it should.
The gun: A wood finish tanaka m40 a1 with standard 10 round mag purchased from redwolf for $426.00 shown here

Upgrades: the upgrades ive put in my gun are the same that Phantom bushman from 6mm hunters on you tube has done. (if you havent seen any of his vids you should really check him out).
they are :
2roy hop up conversion kit.(this allows the gun to take vsr barrels and hop rubbers which are alot more common andcheaper than tanaka $80 shown here

9 ball hop rubber ~$15

PDI 6.01 tightbore 554m (the best barrel you can get) $140.00

so there is well over $650 in the gun and since ive only fired about 250 rounds through it and its in mint condition i think $425 is a pretty good price. might be able to go lower.
My camera is very bad quality and ill try to put up pics with my friends camera soon. i do have a link to a video of it on youtube (just a quick overveiw)
Heres a link to the you tube vid
any questions just ask

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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