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I'm just putting a feeler out for what I might be able to get for this. I'm more apt to trade than to sell, as I don't really have a pressing need to offload it.

I got this gun from a friend of mine. It is the TR version, not the integrated red dot. As far as I know it has never been opened, the only change to it was a Prometheus 6.03 added by the previous owner. Included would be a total of 3 mags, two tm standards and one TM hicap.

This thing shoots phenomenally, I'm just not one for the feel of the P90. The only problem is that the charging handle does not function.

Below is a breakdown of the parts:

TM P90 TR- $260
Prometheus TBB- about $50 or so
TM Midcap- $38
TM Hicap- $39
Madbull Gemtech Mock Suppressor- FREE
9.6V P90 Battery- FREE
Estimated total worth: $387

Of course if I were to sell I would only be looking for a price in the low $200 range or so, haven't really decided. Looking for $200+shipping OBO

As I mentioned earlier, I am more apt to trade this rifle for something of similar value, or lesser+cash.
-Glock 17s
-AK Variants

That's it for now, if you might be interested, shoot me a PM and we can talk. This isn't a priority to get rid of, so don't be offended if I turn down your offer.

Pics Pending
*UPDATE* All I have are some bad quality cell phone pictures, so I won't be able to get new pictures of it until the 3rd. However, it's a bare bones P90 TR.

If you wish to see/shoot it in person I will be at No Limits on the 4th.

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