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I am selling a TM PSG-1. It is in good shape and work great.
The gun has almost all systema parts and fires at 420 fps.
The gun has had 3000 round thru it since new. Here is a list of parts that are on the gun.

1. Systema torque up gears
2. Systema aluminum piston
3. Systema torque up motor
4. Systema full teeth piston
5. Systema shims
6. Systema metal spring guide
7. Systema anti-revers latch
8. PDI 590mm 6.01 tight bore barrel
9. Systema bucking
10. Silencer adapter counter clock wise
11. 3 G&P batterys
12. 2 TM G3 MAGS
The gun works great and is very accurate. The gun comes with 3 G&P 1500 mah batterys, 3 mags and loading tool. I am looking to get $650 firm for the gun if you don't like then don't comment. Trades are not exepted at all is you send a pm saying will you take trades I will yell at you for not reading every thing.. This is a used item so its AS IS sorry.

I am selling 2 CNC made mock silencers. They both have foam in them and quit the gun down a lot. I am selling the 9 inch for $25 and the 7 inch for $20. One is 9 inches long the other 7 inches.

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