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Hello, today I'd like to sell my fully upgraded Laylax TM VSR 10. It chronos just below 500fps with a .20g bb. It is hard to put an age of the gun on here because there are no original internals in it and some of the pieces are newer than others. However I can say that it is in great condition, inside and out, I take very good care of all of my guns. But now here is the breakdown of the gun:

(All prices are quoted from Airsoft Atlanta unless otherwise noted)

Base is TM VSR pro sniper - $269.99
Laylax spring guide - $37.99
Laylax sp150 spring - $25.99
Laylax Cylinder Dampers - $19.99
Laylax Teflon Cylinder - $149.99
Laylax Damper Cylinder Head - $32.99
Laylax Zero Trigger - $229.99
Laylax Orange Piston - $59.99 (had to buy another because the one that came with zero trigger broke)
PDI Muzzle Cap - $22.99
PDI Barrel Spacers - $19.99
Firefly Bucking (soft) - $20.99
TM Scope Mount Base - $18.99
PDI Raven 6.01mm Inner Barrel - $47.99 (Surprisingly very good despite price)
TM Upgraded Hop Unit - $69.99
TM VSR Magazine x2 extra - $37.98
Airsoft GI Threaded Adapter - $15.00
Pantac Coyote Brown Cheek Pad (GI) - $22.75

Total - $1103.59 not including shipping or labor

Along with all that I am going to include a couple hundred Golden Ball .30g bbs, a brand new TM stock full cylinder set, a pro sniper style bolt handle, my extra Laylax cylinder dampers, extra Laylax sp120 & sp150 springs, original box, and original hardware such as front sight and muzzle cap.

For all of this considering the condition (it even still has the TM sticker on the left side!), I'm asking $600 OBO + shipping. The only trades that I would be very interested in is a Tanaka M700 AICS or an upgraded TM L96 AWS. I may consider other trades so please offer if you think I'd be interested. If you would like any more pictures of a certain part or have any questions please feel free to ask.

Scope and bipod are not included but can be for extra. Scope is a replica Leupold M3.

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I want to sell in order to get one of the two guns that I'd trade for. Yes I'd drop the price for taking off the bipod but only because it is reusable. No AEG trades unless it is a very nice SR25.
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