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Well have one vary nice TM G3 SG-1 rifle. It's set up to be a Urban Sniper rifle.

It has a FTK in it with the M120 spring (398fps) with .20g BB's... It has only been used in one event, so no marks on the stock or body. It has only been opened up one time, to do the upgrade.

Comes with a battery, mag, scope mount and scope & rings. I have two scope mounts, so it's your pick. A low mount or claw mount... or for $45 more you can have both.

Asking price $400.00 Have around $580 with the scope,battery,mount / rings and shiping... But your's for only $400 + S/H USPS money order....

I'm looking to sell for cash, need to pay for my SAW.. But will also look at trades (UZI, SAW, PSG-1, CA AK's, CA G36 C/K, M79) NO! M4/M16's , MP5's, TM Ak's have more then I need now..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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