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Hello folks, here's the deal. Spring's commin' and it's time to get softin' . I upgraded an UTG mk96 with every part you'd want but every day wish it was a vsr-10. Something about the l96 style I hate. Any way the rifle will come with the following parts:
Utg shadow ops rifle- 180$
PDI v trigger(installed)- 150$
PDI VC cylinder(installed)- 276$ (includes piston, spring guide, cylinder, clyinder head)
PDI VC piston(damaged)
Power upgrade kit( spring (500fps) and piston installed)- 30$
Polar star piston - 60$
PDI SPR 250% spring (530-540 fps)- 30$
PDI VC cylinder head.
Aluminum spring guide
PDI 9mm spring guide
EdGi 6.01 499mm- 80$
PDI hop-up - $80
Systema bucking- $15

TOTAL= 908 $
asking 430$
Gun shoots straight, hard, and true. I also have a separate body with barrel assembly that has been shortened for the "scout sniper rifle role" It is significantly shorter. Will include for free.

Your upgraded bar-10!
OR a partial trade of a bar-10 and $$$
I'm also partial to upgraded DMR's and KJW/TANAKA HPA's

Not currently sure what to ask. Looking more for trades. Shoot me offers.


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The downside of selling pre-upgraded snipers is that:
a) Many people start small and build up to what you have, ie. start with stock UTG
b) Someone has to want exactly what you've put into it. I personally would rather have a 6.03 than a 6.01.

Good luck!

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@wyvern I've taken this into consideration. Thanks!

@darkstar, Is the palmers HPA or C02? If HPA has the tank been hydro tested?

@apple I'm not quite sure what your asking. I want an m700 style rifle. Since my gun is upgraded I expect the type m700 to be as well, or supported with money.
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