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*Know before you buy.* - I may or may not sell. I'm looking for offers primarily. I'm going to use in a official game sunday, and see how it works on the field. If I do not like it, it's up for grabs, if you are intrested, speak now or be forever forget ;), Thanks guys!

I have a VFC 416, I'm looking to sell it.

That is a link to a picture of the gun, and the story behind it. I got it from the Airsoft GI 100k Mystery Box, and just really am not sure I like it all that much.

The gun was 450 new. I don't want that much, pm me offers.

Sorry about no pictures on this forum.

I also would be able sell it with a Firefox 11.1v LiPo, fits perfectly into the back of the stock.

I'd *like* 390 for the gun
20 for the LiPo.

This i'd be intrested in:
Sniper Rifles (TM VSR-10 etc)
Anything really I have nothing else to say

Can be shipped, we *split* shipping

Thanks, Hoggie
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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