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Selling or trading my brand new never fielded or used Vortex Strikefire II with 3x magnifier. I bought Vortex Ultimate cover for magnifier. It's current state is sitting on AimPoint COMP4 mount with Kinetic quick release and magnifier is sitting on Larue which both isn't included unless wanted.

Asking 350USD not including larue and kinetic or trade

accu-shot bt19 fits WELL L96 both springer and Gas also fits ARES L96. Will likely fit other brands.

Asking 40USD for bt19 or trades

PayPal or Venmo, prefer shipping anywhere where it possible for you, check your country first.
Im only interested in Umarex Glock steel, pistol WA/VFC/WE steel slide stuff, RA tech, ghk or other similar or something like ares pgm or similar stuff. will or can add cash

shipping from swe


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