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Permission granted from Dutton

I am wanting to get into sniping and I am looking for a good rifle to start off with.


It has a snake skin paint job on the stock and mag.

Only offering the gun and G&G standard High cap magazine.
If your offer is nice I will throw in a smart charger and a 9.6 battery, and I will pay my part of shipping and half of yours. I can also take pay-pal. (ALL money from this will go toward my new rifle.)

If you offer cash I am looking for 'round 140 for the whole AEG package, which includes:
Smart charger
9.6 battery
Some .2 bb's

120$ for gun, mag, and bb's. (The bb's don't affect pricing.)
Buyer also pays shipping unless I am given a good deal.

Just to show I have the gun.

The charging handle is not in the gun in this picture because I forgot to put it back on after cleaning.

Rest of the pictures.

I have a nice home made amplifier/suppressor combo I can throw in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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