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1. Cash is king, but I will accept postal mo
2. Don't send me useless pm's
3. Don't lowball me
4. don't crap in my thread
5. I like m14's
, and any other dmr variant

I recently acquired a ghk ak 74u gbb with 4 mags and I have decided that ak's arent for me. I am looking to sell this beast or a trade of equal value. I like all m14 and dmr varients

What I have is a GHK Ak74u with 4 mags, RA-tech Hopup, and an mp5 inner barrel

The hop up had a broken piece but was fixed so know it takes a little bit more force to adjust the hop up, and one of the mags may leak but was just recently given a silicon bath so it should be ok now.

GHK ak 74 $315

4 X gas mags $200
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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