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WTT/WTB: Broken stuff

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I think I may have come up with a design for a new cost-effective sniper rifle that also provides realism like the Airsoft Surgeon (and classic rifles) with shells.

Essentially, it's the same concept as our current design for sniper rifles, but would use an smaller AEG cylinder. Once I try it and figure out if it would be feasible, I'll publish a guide and then people can build their own from scratch using the pricey upgrades and springs. The only thing you'd really need to custom order would be piston heads with extractors.

Theoretically, with super springs and pistons and trigger mechs, you don't have to worry about stripping gears and burning out motors or could get just as high of an FPS. AEG's are upgraded to 500+, so why wouldn't it work for a sniper rifle?

Anyway, I want to play with the idea some and need a broken AEG or two. At least one AEG I get needs to be a problem with the motor, gears, or wiring. The accuracy and FPS doesn't need to be awesome, I just need to make a gun that works and we can make it accurate later.

So I'll trade you gear from my other thread for your busted stuff, or if it's super cheap and fills what I need, I guess that'll work too.

Thanks. I'm also interested if you have seen threads on other forums for people selling broken stuff.
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i have a broken echo1 mp5a4 the gearbox is jammed I dont know why . . . i dont know if that helps.
Gearbox to your weapon is more than likely jammed due to firing your weapon on a low battery, which caused the spring to lock back. To fix it, either take apart your gearbox and reset it, or if you have a port in your cylinder, you can get a screwdriver and reset it that way too.
Thanks mosin it was a bad BB, a crosman .2 now I know better.
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