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Ok basically I have my svd. Not used in a hardcore skirmish. Closest was a battle that lasted 4 hours and I was using my pistol most of the time because everyone keep rushing me. I know I hate rushers.

Ok to the things I am looking to trade for.
UTG/ Well L96.
Used with somewhat of a upgrade or Basically new like my svd.
Ok fine any sniper rifle that is not made by AGM and you know is not crap.
Any good aeg that is somewhat accurate and or looks like a dmr gun already. I am mostly like for M16 and anything else.
Things I will not take. CQB guns. M4 and MP5. Unless it is somewhat good.

Ok the things I will include.
The gun itself.
Custom made bottom rail mount.
If your deal is good or if you want. I will either include a bipod or not.
A bag of ~ 1500 most likely more. Washed .36

Some pictures.

Also you can pay cash if you really want. Just shoot me a offer.
Thanks for reading this and tell me what you think. No hating please I get enough of the BS already.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.