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testing the waters on my DSR-1
for trades I will take a Jp receiver and/or a polar star fusion engine and/or cash and maybe a tanaka gas rifle upgraded
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I have the bipod although one of the pieces is broken on it (what a surprise lol) and it is a version 2 i can take pictures of the licenses for any serious inquiry. in addition to the original mags i have a Co2 mag that i have not been able to get to work.
I am a lefty shooter and I was planning on making my own amby pistol grip for it but that just hasn't happened.
I actually have a stronger striker spring that i think comes with the C02 mag, it does make the trigger pull a few pounds stronger though
Topa: It is advertised as taking standard AEG barrels But I have never personally opened it up that far.
If you are interested and/or have other questions send me a pm, for I am more likely to respond to that in a more timely fashion.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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