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I recently received this in a trade, but I have since realized that the DM role is not for me. I just want a BAR-10, VSR-10, or really any bolt action rifle, honestly. This rifle is worth a little over 210 new, so I only ask that the rifle you offer in trade be around 190 or so bucks worth. EXCEPTION: If you can give me a FUNCTIONAL BAR-10/VSR-10, you can have the whole thing.

Sorry, I am needing to postpone this for a while, anyone who has PMed me will be first in line.

I am also looking for a Type 96 7mm spring guide, as well as a KWA 2GX bucking.

PM me with questions, or for more details.

1 midcap
1 Battery (large type)
1 tamiya large type adaptor
1 charger
If I find another battery, I will throw that in too.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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