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Hey guys, I am looking at starting another custom project and I am in need of a few things.

What I am looking for are a few M4 parts. Mainly the lower and upper receiver, as well as some kind of hand guard, and outer barrel. Doesn't matter if it is plastic or not, or even be in good shape. As long as the upper and lower are able to attach to each other that is all I care about at this point.

I do have my sale thread going on, and would be willing to trade a few things for the parts.

Let me know what you guys have and or would want.

Thanks guys.

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Okay, I have most of what you're looking for, but I'm not sure I'm willing to part with all of it.

First off, let me list what I have:
-Plastic upper and lower receiver (missing selector switch, gearbox set pin, and magazine catch (might have one laying around though, have to look harder) with plastic two-piece hop-up
-Complete front assembly (mid-length two-piece barrel, plastic flash hider, triangle front sight, delta ring, two-piece rail handguards)

I have no use for the plastic body and am ready to trade that, but I am currently using the front assembly on another gun, so I am a bit hesitant to trade that, but not entirely unwilling to.

As far as what I'm looking to trade for, there's not much--mostly parts for my BAR-10:
-Scope-mount Rail for VSR-10
-6.03mm x 430mm Inner Barrel (VSR-10 cut)
-SP150 VSR-10 Spring
-G-SPEC Outer Barrel
-Harris-style Bipod (preferably short)
-VSR-10 Mags

If there's anything other BAR-10 parts you have that I haven't listed and you think I'd be interested, let me know. I also have a standard M4 pistol grip and an LE adjustable stock if you want those.


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