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WWII build possibilities

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Just found this at AirsoftGI and thought it might be a good opportunity for someone looking to do a build in the WWII style. Sling a Thompson and strap a M1911! That'd be slick.
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Actually it would be sling an mp40 and strap a Luger ;), its a k98 but still awesome.

I've seen one of those in my local store, it's playing capabilities SUCK. It's loaded with five "rounds" each containing ONE bb in the tip and shot by springer action. Then you spend rest of the day fecthing those five damned "shells" from the ground.


Ummm... phridum... WHAT THE HECK is going on with your karma? =D
Lol wandall you don't get it 1337 as in leet or Elite. I must say though I didn't notice until you pointed it out.

Yeah, I suppose your right about the accessory weapons. I didn't know that about the shells though. That's flipping sweet. That's how we do it in the real world. Shoot your rounds, police your brass, and leave no trace. I really only need one anyway...I'll have to start looking into aftermarket parts for accuracy and range.
And some GPS beacons for those ejected shells... xP

Gee! Now I got it! 1337 = leet word! xD Word! *thumb up*
(If someone has seen Achmed the dead terrorist you know what I mean. =D )
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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