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Wyvernfist's Deals!

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I spend hours a day on the web, often bored out of my mind. To pass the time, I've been browsing forums and eBay and pass up on deals I wish I had the money for.

I'd rather pass those deals on to you! To this end, I will be replying to this thread with new deals I find. All will be pertaining to DMR/Sniper roles; either weapons, accessories, or gear.

None of these are my own items for sale, so I take no responsibility of your purchases nor am I supporting any particular sellers.

For now expect updates more often on Fri-Sun nights.

**Edit: I will put a heading in each update so you know what category it falls under.**

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An additional 30% off all PDI stuff on Airsoft Atlanta! It's a sweet deal!
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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