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Wyvernfist's Deals!

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I spend hours a day on the web, often bored out of my mind. To pass the time, I've been browsing forums and eBay and pass up on deals I wish I had the money for.

I'd rather pass those deals on to you! To this end, I will be replying to this thread with new deals I find. All will be pertaining to DMR/Sniper roles; either weapons, accessories, or gear.

None of these are my own items for sale, so I take no responsibility of your purchases nor am I supporting any particular sellers.

For now expect updates more often on Fri-Sun nights.

**Edit: I will put a heading in each update so you know what category it falls under.**

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I want a n/gbb. :-| Why they don't ship to Finland? I would buy one, then fix it. (With help from wolfgeorge!)
You can, but the guy selling that glock for 20 bucks isn't shipping to Finland.
Heavy Weight BB Sample Set

Buy Now on KWA Glocks if you want them. The posting will be removed by Glock legal within two days.
I love looking at these deals!

Eventually something will catch my interest. :pop:

Thank you Wyvernfist for sifting through the web so we don't have to! :bow:
Yes, thanks wyvernfist! Great idea! :tup:
My pleasure. Keeps me busy when I shouldn't be sleeping ;)
Thank to toomanybbs for pointing this out:

TM VSR-10 Stock:
Best deal. HObbytron JG G36 full length New 50 dollars.
Waiting for secret release time.
Wait... wait... what? More info please :yup:
That sale was insane. Literally all gone in under 2 secs. OMG I couldn`t even get one.
What/when was the sale? Where did you learn about that! >:D
Wow that would have been cool to get one for $50. Oh well, i guess it's too late now.
I`ll keep this thread updated on some cool things I found.
I`ll keep this thread updated on some cool things I found.
Wouldn't those be Nelsonho's Web Deals then? :p
No this is Wyvernfist Epic deals of amazing ness and I`m "helping out" I think people should be able to add to this thread.
Or just start a new thread...we have plenty of room! :D
21 - 40 of 41 Posts
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