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Well here is my post on what happened.....

As many know I placed my order with the company on Wednesday. The total order included a small fluted barrel, AI muzzle flash, hop up chamber. and a 220 spring. All in all I was really excited to get the package in a week or so.

I was spending time with the wifes family here at my house and there was a knock on the door. When I opened it I was surprised to see a guy there with a package. Once signed for it I quickly cut her open to see what it was. And to my surprise it was the stuff that I had ordered, and it got here on Monday, the day after the fourth.

Don't know how it got from Japan to the us and then through customs so quick but it did. Didn't choose anything extra for shipping or anything like that, just the standard. And I was really happy to find out that they were having a special or something and didn't have to pay for shipping. So all I had to worry about was the cost for the parts.

The first impression upon opening the package was a good one to say the least. The finish on the parts was great. The flutes in the barrel were very deep and looked awesome. Everything was wrapped tightly in bubble wrap and then in a heavy cardboard paper.


The first thing I did was remove all of the parts from the MK96 and got ready to install everything that I could. First was going to be the outer barrel. And this is where I found my first and only problem...... Do not... I repeat DO NOT FORCE THE BARREL INTO THE UTG MK96 RECEIVER!!!

I didn't think I put it in there very tight... but dayum.... the barrel got stuck. After trying for around an hour or so to get it out, the barrel finally backed out. Now this didn't happen before I made a few relief cuts in the receiver, and marring the crap out of the outer barrel.

I ended up having to trim down the extra material behind the threads... only about a .25" or so. I then had to take a grinding drum on my dremmel to the threads. After some grinding on the outer barrel threads as well as the threads inside the receiver, I got the outer barrel to go nicely into the receiver.

The rest of it was really easy to install. The barrel came with two spaces which I had to drill out a little to fit the barrel I am using, they wouldn't fit a PDI barrel either don't know why.... But got those in and went to work on installing the hop up chamber. This was very easy to get working... just that the smallest o-ring is a pain in the arse to get to fit.

The one thing I did notice when I went to cock the rifle was that I was unable to get the bolt to push forward... Hmm ... Come to find out that it was the two little allen bolts that you use to adjust the hop up. They were to far out and were keeping the bolt from going all the way forward. After a little adjustment it all worked fine.

But got all the parts installed and working together in the rifle. And everything is working great. I love the rifle and plan on getting it sighted in this weekend. But from what I can tell it is shooting great and can't wait to get a few kills under her belt.

Now if you want to go the basic way take a look here....
... But of course I couldn't leave enough alone and had to upgrade her to the max.

Now the only thing that is left stock on the rifle is the stock and the receiver. Everything else has been replaced with PDI parts. So this thing should be able to take a bullet and keep on kicking.

Now for some glory pics.

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They have an English button on the top of their site.
Yeah I was checking that as I was "fixing" the outter barrel.

I should have a chrono this weekend to do some tests. But all seems good. Do a compression test on it and all seems good so far. So should be good. It did take me a few times to get it just right.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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