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Does anyone use a Y-Ring on the piston? I was recommended to me, but I almost never hear any mention of this.
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Are those similar to an X-Ring? If so, I've heard that they are a lot better than the standard O-Rings.
I am not familar with the term "x-ring". I put one if these y-rings in it fits a bit loose around the piston, and was concerned if this "normal".
Oh, I gotcha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it's normal to fit a little loose; that's how it's always been for me.

This is an X-Ring btw (pretty similar):
Where do you get these X-Rings? A simple internet search yielded very few leads.
Where do you get these X-Rings? A simple internet search yielded very few leads.
I'm actually not too sure. I've only heard of people swapping them out and getting great results. I would think a local hardware store would carry them, but I'm not sure. I remember searching the web a while back also and not finding too much.

I'm sure the Y-Ring you have will work fine though; have you tested compression with it yet?
You can get them off I got mine from there for my VSR. Best parts website ever.
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I'll chrono it this Sat when I can get out to the field and do some more through testing. It seems to push air OK, when dry-firing. I was disappointed it didn't operate more quietly when taking some test shots,however. My friend had a Echo1 ASR that was in-audible, his explanation was the seal was so good that the piston was slowed by the backpressure when pushing a pellet, thus did not hit the ASN with as much of a "snap." He explained that the Y-Ring was largely responsible for this "super-seal".

I fiddled with my cylinder and could feel a fair amount of air being driven out through the slot on bottom of the cylinder (through which the spring and guide are visible.) I did't try this again however to see if the Y-ring improved matters.

I suspect that shortening the spring and sorbothane are more likely the awnser to quieting the action down.

- Thanks, I was unfamilar with the double-seal o-ring concept, and did not realize that they were not a "airsoft specific" item, available almost anywhere o-rings are sold.
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