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Yankee's M40a3 Project( Need feedback on new ideas

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Well boys, I finally acquired my dream bolty, an M40a3. I got her in pretty bad condition and I've got alot of work head of me to get her on the field. But eventually I'll have her shooting like a champ.


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That is one fine piece of ass you got yourself there buddy. Is it the fortress kit for the VSR? If so, where did you manage to pick her up from?
Nice I was looking for one of these... How is the quality? Is it cracked and repaired?

Details man!!

Looks like the trigger guard is broken off?!

Hope you got her for a good price, as they are sure fun to work on and get back to top shape.
Congrats Man!

I hope one day, I'll be able to say I've found such a special rifle. :)
Classic shutup, you have a Tanaka

I want.
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Loving the m40 stock.
Yes it is the fortress stock.

It is cracked and repaired with aircraft aluminum on the inside.

Yes the trigger guard is broken, but I'm putting on a new one.

Yes I got it for a steal.

Thanks for comments. More pics after I do more work to it.
So I've got a quick progress update for anyone interested. I've taken an interest in making m M40a3 into an M40a5. For those of you who don't know what that is, see link below:


Now, I don't care for the look of the flash hider used, so I'm thinking of going the suppressor route:

However, due to some issues I'm having with the built in cheek rest, I will probably do this instead:

Now, for how you all can help me:
1. Does anyone know off hand what rail is used on the a5?
2. Ideas for making the faux magazine, not how to do it, but what to use, thinking of getting a RS magazine.
3. Overall feedback of the plan/project idea?

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I don't have any advice for you other than get it done.
The A3 stock is an ugly brute, the A5 is full of win. By the way, the link doesn't seem to work.
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