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So, essentially, I'm not quite sure where I want to go with airsoft right now. So I figured I'll sell it all and then go from square one.

Guns and Gun Parts:

1. TM M733
Got it from Emuguy a few weeks ago, I installed a Madbull 6.03 and the carry handle rail. Trades were killed by customs. Will include battery, sling, gun, one metal midcap, one hi-cap. $150 OBO

2. Gun Parts
-Magpul PRS stock kit for AEGs- $125
-Misc Hunting 3-9X scope- $20
-Short 3-9X Rifle Scope, Ruby Lens, Will include tall scope rings(not pictured)- $30
-Leupold M3 Replica scope, Has illumination(no battery though), Mil dot reticule, 3.5-10X I believe.- $60
-Larue SPF 1.5 Replica- $25
-Bravo 4-Reticule Reflex Sight-$30
-AAC Supressor, Foam-Filled, Has a CQ threaded AAC flash-hider with it- $50
-Barrel Mounting RIS block-$15
-CA LE stock with 6 position buffer tube(no screw)-$10


1. Safariland Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (Large-Long): Includes Medium sized cardboard plates and bubble-wrap "soft armor"- $40

2. Blackhawk! ISAAK Vest- Heavily used, but in good condition. Was OD, then dusted in tan. It's one quality piece of gear, I've abused it more than anything else I've owned and it holds true. I'm not crazy about selling it unless I can get what I paid back. That being said: $150

3. Set of Issue ACUs: Blouse is Med Reg, Pants are Large Reg: $25

4. DPM Jacket (size to be posted later) -$5

5. 2 Flecktarn Jackets (size to be posted later)- $5 each
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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