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So I picked this up used, and I'm just out to make a modest DMR for now.

November 2010- Purchased base gun
SR-25 URX- $175

January 7, 2011
Order placed for the following
PRS Stock
XT Rail Covers
AAC Suppressor
MVG Grip
2x 7.62 PMAGs (140rd)
Leupold M3 Scope (Replica)
LaRue SPR15 QD Scope Mount
PEQ-16 Replica

Madbull Ultimate Hop-up
Madbull 509mm Inner Barrel (6.01)
Firefly soft-type bucking
Guarder SP140 Spring
G&P 11.1V 1200Mah LiPo

Total Price was $669

January 8th, 2011- Stripped the paint from all metal exterior parts with a bead blaster. Then repainted them flat black.

Rifle as of February 14th 2011-

Pictures from a game I was at recently:

This was a tower that looked out over a nearly 180 degree open area(enclosed to rear by field boundaries). I had about 200 feet of trenches and obstacles between the tower and the nearest treeline, resulted in some good shooting.

Me(back right corner) in support of a friendly assault on the small village on the field.

Later during the same assault taking out some people that were ducking in and out of building at sub-100ft ranges. With my engagement limit being only 50 feet, I was able to effectively carry-out the role of a designated marksman, sense I never had to stick back too far.

Field Test: Overall, she shot great at her first game, I was easily hitting targets at 200+ feet. I was pleased that I could easily carry out both long range marksman and squad marksman roles with one rifle.

For those of you curious:
I ran .3s through her for my longer engagements, while I switched to .4s while engaging below 150 feet due the the higher accuracy.

Also, a big thanks to Timm for letting me store my rifles at his place, ship my packages there, and for getting me out to test my rifle.

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Not sure if that is still the standard URX length RAS but if so, I would put a longer one on there along with a lengthened outer barrel. I don't know if it is just how I am looking at the picture but it looks too short in my opinion, a longer version would distinguish better as a sniper rifle.

Great job Yankee, I love what you've done to that thing! :)

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G&G SR-25s are in stock a lot of places and take regular M4/M16 V.2 gearbox parts and are pre-modded to semi auto only. I have seen A&Ks around as well as Ares SR-25s and M110s. G&P still has some of their M110s around as well.

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trugrit said:
Can you tell us more about the PRS stock mod to get it to work?
It requred taking a washer the size of the stock tube, and bending it into a funnel shape, therefore letting the screw sit low enough to anchor into the gearbox.

As Far as I know, that's what I did to his replica to fix it, and he hasn't changed it since.

We also expoxied the stock tube on, just to be safe.

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Updated Pictures. New Scope, I think that's it.

Trugrit: What Timm said is the extent of what has been done, though I am still trying to find a better fix. The epoxy holds the stock on very well, which surprised me.

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