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Yet again I seek your advices!

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First of all, I want to thank you all for what you guys do, both users and mods! =D

This time, I need some of your advice...
Because I don't have anything close to your level of experience in internal parts and that stuff, I'm asking you guys:

I really want my m16 to have a little bit more precision. Therefore I want to get myself a precision barrel, but I need some help choosing which type... At "" there is some barrels with teflon coating. Wouldn't they be a good solution? Since teflon i svery slippery and stuff?
I'm not going to spend an awful lot of money on the barrel though.
Also. Would it be wise to get a new hop-up rubber or something too?

The gun is shooting somewhere between 400 and 450 fps, and the barrel length is 510mm , if that has some kind of impact on which barrel i should choose...

Sorry if it is too many grammarmistakes or anything. I'm in a hurry right now XD

Happy snipin'!

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If you really want a cheap and very chearful barrel I can recommend the Madbull Version 2 Python in 509mm. Its 6.03mm bore made of aluminium alloy and is also teflon coated. Ive had one in my EBR now for about 3 years and is really good for what I paid for it ;)

Re new hop rubber if your existing one is not that old then dont bother unless its split, usually just in front or behind the internal nub and can normally only be seen by rolling it back and fore between your fingers. If its old then yes it would make sense to
and while your at it either do the hop mod I did in the VSR or pop in a H nub ;)
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The Madbull version 1 of the barrel did have flaws and was slated everywhere which is why they came up with the version 2 which is much better ;) It might not be Teflon but it is definatly coated in something slick, as the barrel is made from aluminium which is probably the unslickest barrel making metal around :)

What manufacturer is your M16 made by, as every M16 I've worked on has had a 509mm in it. Just a thought, where are you measuring your barrel from ie the end to what point on the hop chamber, or is the barrel out and you are measuring from end to end :-/
If thats the barrel fitted you had better stick to the same length, just to be safe ;) In regards the lost length over a 509 I wouldnt worry to much as 30mm is not going to see you have massive gains in accuracy anyway, and it would of only gained you about 10 fps in power at the most.
I had mine when the EBR was still a stock M14 long, and that was about 3 years ago. The coating on the barrel is still good with no obvious signs of ware, and I think are good for the money they ask for. If your in any dought do a little more saving and buy a Systema or Promy Brass one, as I have no dought that they are the shizzle, as that is what I have in my bolties, but as my EBR is only for going out and blatting some numpties, a cheap tight bore is good enough for me as it doesn't see that much action. If your M16 is your sole weapon then I would suggest getting the best barrel you can afford.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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