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Yet another SR25 midcap question...

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Hi All,

Recently picked up a G&G GR25 and 3 G&G 120round metal midcaps with it. Gun is mostly unmodified, running a Madbull 130 spring and flat hop.

The gun appears to be a design change from the original I think? The trigger pin pops out from the opposite side to those I've seen in videos online along with some other minor changes.
I think the midcaps I picked up are for the older version, as they do not fit well. Each needs a little strip of tape down the back for it to not wobble in the magwell and for it to feed. The 50Round mag that came with the gun is very snug and feeds fine (though stops feeding on the last 4 rounds for whatever reason).

Having real issues with the 120rnd G&G midcaps. I'm only running .3s, but they feed maybe 7 out of 10 shots, and occasionally stop feeding entirely until being pulled out and shoved back in. Not something you need from a single shot weapon!! The BB followers have also gotten stuck in all of them at least once. Getting kinda sick of opening up midcaps to wiggle the follower free from whatever BBs have gotten jammed down the side of it.

Does anybody have this seemingly newer GR25 design and know what other manufacturers midcaps will fit? I'm assuming it's not going to be the same list as the original design given the G&G midcaps don't fit properly.

Many thanks for any help
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