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Im James Tyler, or as you may know me JT_MCLOVIN (tnairsoft). I run the local team known as T.C.R or Tri-Cities Rebellion here in Bristol Tn. Im 18yrds old going on 19yrds but Im not like those kids you meet today. Im not a wanna be gangster and Im not a drug user, Im an old school gentleman. The two loves of my life is my girlfriend Jenny and my airsoft life. Airsoft is my form of partying and having a great time with my friends. However I dont treat airsoft like its a real simulation of war, but more like a hobbie I love to do. T.C.R is just a group of guys and girls who play for the love of the sport, unlike some teams where you have to have $500 equipment before they even look at you. So yeah, that alil about me add me on psn JT_MCLOVIN. I play MAG and all CODS. So happy airsofting my brothers and sisters and pm me anytime if you just wanna chat or interested in buying my stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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