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Your best airsoft sniper story

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I though we should have a thread to post your favorite airsoft stories.
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Great idea. I will have to think of a few and get back here. Some of them are pretty comical, and am sure you guys have some good ones as well. Will post some later for all of you.
Mosin, would it be similar to over at MIA? I have read a few of them, and with some solid rules, we could have some good stories. I like the idea of its own section, as this lets everyone have their own thread to post in.

If you do end up making a new section, just make sure we do not lose or delete any of the others.
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hoggie said:
Okay, so, I was playing a backyard game... for kicks. And my buddy Craig came running across out of nowhere. Now, I stalking him previously. So basically, I quickly glanced, bringing my rifle across my chest, I shouldered it on my left (I shoot right) and scope, and just nailed him in the head, COMPLETELY by accident. Poor kid had to go to school with a tag that says "Claimed by Hoggie!" Just kidding, but he did have a little red mark:)
Okay, no offense Hoggie, but this is a prime example of stories we do NOT want. First of all, head shots are dangerous shots. On this forum, talk about hitting people in the head is not something that will be approved. Secondly, the story lacked substance, and needs much more detail. For instance, describe your stalk on the enemy, the climate/weather, sounds you heard, etc. etc. Details help make the story much more interesting to read, and help make the story more exciting.

Again, no offense Hoggie, but everyone should realize these are not the kind of stories we are looking for.
No problem Hoggie, not necessarily your fault as the guidelines have not been totally set up yet.

And vamp, once we set this up, I will move this to your own thread within the new section for stories. Don't have time to read it now, but from the looks, I see details; looking forward to reading it.
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