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Your best airsoft sniper story

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I though we should have a thread to post your favorite airsoft stories.
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I would like to make a Post about a fun story during a VIP scenario.

The Art of Deception

My squad's mission was to prevent a VIP from crossing the border into our territory and I was assigned to a two man sniper unit. The border came to an arrow head point at the bridge crossing with a river crossing through both territories. I took my spotter to the trench adjacent to the bridge on the south end of the border and we waited for them to take the back way into our territory, we would be ready. There was a watchtower that overlooked the section of border we were protecting from intruders and I commanded my spotter to get up there and take out as many as he could while I take position in the trench. Tall grass and brush surrounded the trench on the enemy facing side and would be perfect cover. We then waited ready for the enemy to try and sneak past our main force and enter our kill zone.

When the enemy approached the border, me and my spotter made up the only defense force for the area. Most of our squad members did not know of the secret route the tenacious opposing forces would be taking to escort their VIP over the border, so it remained mostly unprotected. We were vastly out numbered, but we had a plan. My spotter opened fire with his rifle trying to take out as many as he could. He had a well covered position, but it was an obvious target for the Op-For and they directed most of their attention to him. I planned for this and while staying low in the brush with only part of my body exposed I was able to take out three or four of the enemy combatants with my infamous bolt action rifle, the FMR. Then my spotter got hit, but not before he was able to call for backup. While Reinforcements were scrambling to protect the front it was up to me to hold the line before they arrived. I was just one sniper with my rifle against a large group of the Op-For. I was in the brush taking out as many of those bastards as I could. I fired so many rounds I went through three mags and had to switch to my secondary, the HK MP7A1. When they discovered my position they all started firing on me, they wanted me dead very badly. I was hit and could not fight any longer, but thankfully the reinforcements my spotter called for arrived in time. I called for a medic and told him to take care of my spotter first, we were both taken out of the fight to get patched up.

The mission was a success.


This story was about a VIP game I had played at a Scenario event last summer. I might have embelished a few details. The game did not have medic rules and after I was shot I went straight to the respawn area. The spotter I am talking about wasn't my spotter at all, but I did advise him to take position in the tower. After we were hit my team noticed the commotion and went to cover the area.

The moral of this story: When you are trying to cover an area you might not want to take an obvious position. I was effective at the spot I chose because I used the brush to conceal myself while the player in the tower provided a great distraction. None of the players on the opposing team realized that I was hiding where I was because it wasn't a spot they would have picked to cover the area.

Try to find an area that has good cover and consealement opportunities, but is not a spot that is an obvious position. Use your teamates positions to distract the enemy from where you are. Try to find concealed areas of cover that are close to the structures that people are meant to hide behind.

Using deceitful tactics along with stealth and concealement can go a long way. Deceit is a very selfish way to play, but you can help out your team by taking up positions that could allow you to flank the enemey.

I basically use the tree cancer idea in a different way. I try to avoid using hard cover while also staying close enough to it to distract the enemy.

I prey on the enemy team's schemas, proconcieved notions, on where they think other players hide and where they should hide.

I have yet to make a guillie suit and I've been using this tactic a lot and it has served me well.
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