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Your best airsoft sniper story

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I though we should have a thread to post your favorite airsoft stories.
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Mid-Summer, 2010.

I had just gotten my ASR and I was dying to try it out. Our Team met up with several other people from the local area. We had maybe 30 people total.

A scenario idea was put forward by one of the groups. In short, one group would become a body guard contingent for an Op-For executive officer. The objective was a basic one, eliminate the officer.

The rules were simple. The Op-For unit would move out into the forest and set up an operational rally point or ORP. Our mission was to locate and engage the enemy. However conditions stated that the executive could not be moved unless under duress, i.e. they had to pick a place and stay there until engaged. The escape or elimination of the Op-For exec was to be a game deciding condition. How we executed the mission was totally up to us. One condition placed upon the Op-For
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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