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Your longest Shot and Hit

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Hey guys I was just watching a few sniper shows and The shows kept saying how police snipers only shoot about 150 yards. So that got me thinking, That is a shot that's able to be done in the Airsoft world. So post Your farthest Shot/Hit. And tell us what rifle and upgrades it had. Have a nice day guys and keep it classy.
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Here's MarineSGT's. ;)

Anyway, I've shot up to 200 feet and hit but never anything past it, haven't really tried it at my local site.
I've hit torso size target at measured 92m with the Tanaka AICS (now sold) I haven't measure any of my other guns, but some are pretty close to that if not better!!
I'm expecting the SCS barrel for the Asahi and the weather to warm up, as most of my guns use gas and I don't want to run them externally!!

Wolf, yor asahi when done up a little will get 300ft.
Human sized target at 330ft/100m with my Bar 10. In game I think my longest is about 280-300 ft. The Bar 10 has EDGI cylendar components, laylax air nozzle, Noobies M-trigger, EDGI 6.00mm barrel, Nineball bucking and a Noobie TDC hop up kit. I use WE .4's.
Hit a kid standing in a base at 310 feet. They reacted to the pop of my rifle then he jumped in the air when I hit him in the chest.
Shortest shot, well a few inches past the end of my barrel (may be 1.5 inches)

Longest has been in the 310-320 range. Though I typically don't shoot this far very often. I usually keep my shots to the 250-280 range.
Shortest like woogie. From Barrel to face. 1 inch Full auto. It was friendly fire too... Good idea not to aim your gun at your team mates.
Longest. BASR wise=230 feet.
Pistol(Yeah shut up my pistol has more range than my sniper rifles =*( ) 310+ feet...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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