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Your M16 variant DMR

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(Sorry mods if this isn't in the correct place)

Hey guys,
I'm going to be investing in TM VSR-10 (and upgrades in the same purchase) or building a M16 variant DMR over a span of time, and needed some opinions, pictures, and anything else that can help me out.
I'm thinking of just using a G4 G&G Eagle (ASGI) with a 6.03 tbb that extends into a mock suppressor, bipod and ACOG. Then, getting some gearbox related upgrades (gears, maybe the shell, spring, cylinder, etc..) later on.

So, can you guys post some pics of your DMR so I can get a rough idea of what I'd need or anything else?
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No one has replied to this?
That's terrible.
No one has replied to this?
That's terrible.
What's even more terrible is the fact that you replied, and necro'd.
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Please check dates before posting!
This a 2 year old thread.
No one replied then ... no one will reply now.

I knew what date it was, that's why I replied....
I mean, not trying to start any trouble, but lmao, why didn't anyone reply?
Anyways, my bad, I guess.
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