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Your perfect hide?

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Hey guys, just a little question.

If you were at an event and you could only choose one spot to set up using your personal sniper rifle (worst idea, but just go with it), where would you go and why?
For instance; under a tree, just under the peak of a hill, etc...
Try to be a lil more descriptive than me. What kind of cover would you have, what would you be wearing, what is the terrain like?
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My local field is covered in bits of wood and jute from sand bags than have rotted. One time my mates use a huge bit of wood (about 4 foot by 4 foot to cover a fox hole i was in and drapped the rotting burlap over a small hole in front that was my observation window. The enemy never did discover my OP, add to that I was carrying two radios (on was on the enemies freq) I was able to provide overwatch and recon.
I avoid tree bases and large landmarks like the plague. I love a good densely vegetated area, with tons of ferns, long grass, etc. As long as it has a good spot to shoot from/scan an area, you are golden.

Keep in mind, it is airsoft, and our guns cannot shoot peeps from a mile away. Unless you are simply providing recon, you are going to be closer to the enemy, which means being seen more easily. But if its a good hide, even if they see you, you are in a position that you can still take them out.
I usually lay down in underbrush (ferns, bushes, tall grass, and stuff like that) that has no thick trees around it as it seems people look harder around them as though a sniper is just going to be standing behind a tree. I also like to be within fifty-seventy five feet of a path (far enough away to not be seen but close enough to be sure of a shot). I
I myself mainly go for large open fields with a lot of tall dead or live grass. And set up a hide near an edge of the field, pull some of the grass in my way and set up there.

Or in areas of decent vegetation with shadows over head and cover or concealment to my rear. Being sure that there are no enemies that can get you from behind you really makes the game easier.
I tend to hang out around a little peninsula of pretty thick woods with some old trees and a U-shaped pile of chopped up leaves that act as sandbags. It has a good view of an open field, a partial view of a trail running perpendicular to the only trail leading to that area. It provides shelter from AEG's and enough semi-open space to take out some long range targets.
Fern field!!! No seriously, This fern field I can sit in it and im completely invisible. I personally do this. There's plenty of cover, lots of area to scan. And open shots like no other.
If I can swing it, areas where dry, dead leaves and sticks/logs are heavily abundant. Not just "in the woods" abundant, but piles rather, such as bunkers, or areas where I can stack leaves or sticks in front of me. I've found that anything with a light to dark brown tinge works very well with the camo I often use; Link (Predator Brown Deception).

For that reason, I avoid the color green like the plague. Hard to do this time of year though. Works better in the fall. ::)
any where I can get comfortable, but comfort is in the eye of the beholder. some people wouldnt be comfortable laying in a swamp.
I like to crawl around in a tall grass field. There are two tire "forts" that can be easily held if watched over from the field. Keeping these means that your team can stay much more dynamic, and cuts down on flanking.
Any type of berm (think small hill) that has a small indent in it that allows me to see out works, almost M shaped. There are several of these at mr. paintball and when used I have a fall back point but also a great range of view to provide cover especially for CTF games, etc. :)
hey heartwins, you play at mr.paintball too?
I might have seen you or something. Not too sure, but we might have seen each other or something. I love the CTF games, I got a funny story about em'.
My friend found the pvc pipe (supposedly the flag) and gave it to me because I'm much faster than him. Apparently we have to get the flag to the OTHER teams base. I ended up running around the outer edge of the entire field with only a pistol, because I had to leave my hide. Without a sidearm, or any other gun, I had one of my "guards" hand me his pistol. With only one mag. It ended up being that I was hiding inside a fold in a bush and one of my "guards" distracts his friend into coming a lil closer for a chat, I pop up and smack him in the chest with 2 shots. All of my "guards" are hit and I have to get to the trash can all by myself. 3 people are just standing around the can, talking to each other, not paying attention. I try running there as fast as I can. As it turns out, some lil' 10 year old is holding an m4 with a drum mag, just trying to land a shot on me. Luckily, his aim was total crap, not even landing a hit. I pop the 3 around the can, no ammo left, while the kid is still trying to hit me. I end up diving and throwing the pip in the can, taking the win.

ANYWAY, back on topic lol
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Yaa man, I had an amazing setup with my JG bar 10 but sadly the zero trigger broke (tiny spring the returns the sear catch) so I've only played there maybe 3-4 times since march with my AK. You might have met my brother who plays with the Army of two mask, M4, shotgun, etc. Hopefully once I receive my new rifle I'll be back out there and maybe we can run a 2 man squad :)

Back on topic,
Another ideal hide is man sized bushes (theres plenty of these at mr.paintball) and when used correctly you can make 3x3 hole to view out of and nobody will ever find you. I use these types of bushes mainly for overwatch and intel. I've had entire squads walk by using this strategy :)
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