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Your Scope for your rifle

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Want to ask what type of scope you use on your rifle.
How do you balance the size of the objective lens and the magnifying power? what is the common magnifying power you have on for a standard airsoft game?
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I use a 3-12 Vortex Diamondback hp. Its expensive, but I got it used, and the warranty still covers. Really anything works. I typically run it at 3x as target acquisition is way easier. Sometime's I'll go up if there's an enemy sniper that's well hidden and I need to analyze precise details.

Most scopes will work. I like higher end scopes because of warranties and they're easier to sight/see out of. That said, it's just a vanity thing.
I use an old (1990s?) Sussex Armoury (now called Air Arms) hunting scope. 3-9x40 with what is known as a 'TV reticle'. Something like this:
Sleeve Rectangle Circle Parallel Symmetry

I find this useful for airsoft, since ranges are typically shorter and it allows me a wider field of view.
I use it at 4 times magnification. I almost never change this.
It is protected with the scope protector that came with it, with several additional layers of acrylic inserted into it.
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I use a Burris Fullfield E1 at 3X, with a cheap Vector Optics spirit level I bought on AliExpress
Hand Automotive tire Textile Sleeve Automotive lighting
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Asg strike 4x32 with homemade protector.
I try and practice both eyes open. We're shooting within such a close range any higher than 4x seems useless. Though might upgrade to a cheap 40 for wider view.
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