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Your thoughts on the Well G96

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So I have gathered up some money. And I am making 1 dollar a day on like youtube. Yay Partnership. Besides that. I have seen the Well L96 and that looks very nice.
Here is the link

I want to know what your input on this is. Would it be yay or nay.
Supposedly I have heard there is a guy that can get 5 in grouping at 200 feet. That sounds a little off.

So I am wondering supposedly he got easy 300 feet kills.
Is that really that possible with a gas rifle like that.
Cough I know Tanaka Cough

So I live in Socal where it never snow and rarely rains and is always hot and I think the temp would help me a little.
(Skip this part if you don`t care)
So in the day it is 98 and night it is 90. And I think that would help me a little on consistency.

So if I would get this gun what upgrades should I get or should I slap myself back to the UTG L96 and do a PDI hop up with Angel Custom cylinder parts. (pistons and such. Unless Polarstar becomes instock)

Also reply if you like my grammar a little better because I worked on it and if you like this type of writing. Also tell me if you hate me too. I don`t really care. A lot of people hate me hence my karma. =(
So back to the point. Thanks if you managed to read and comment back.
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First off, no one hates you, everyone on this forum is cool. Some are just a little more senstative over the grammar then others. I would never pgive bad karma if some one was TRYING to improve like you. Only if they were purposly not trying etc.
If you were to get a gas gun don't go with that. Use the spring L96 or if you really wanted gas use the tanaka with the AICS stock.
There is no upgrades (at least I havn't seen any) for the G96 while there is infinite for the normal L96. Also well and UTG are the same so don't pay more for the name. And don't get the one which includes the bipod because the bipod is crap.

With a spring rifle people can get 5 groupings at 200ft too. But there are plenty of improvements you can do for the G96 using teflon tape and what not but IMO it isn't worth the money. Heres some posativw karma.
I've read good stuff about the Well, I'd advise you NOT to buy a Tanaka as they are expensive for no reason as they are [email protected] unless you convert it to HPA but then all gas guns can be converted to HPA so why pay the extra money.

Hey man, Karma isn't everything, I was like -20, until I earned it back to 0. Anyways, I'd advice staying away from these. Wolf and Intall have really nailed the reasons why, and my reasoning is the same, spring is much more efficent, and gas isn't good unless it's HPA.
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