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Yukon DSAS(Directional Sound Amplification System)

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I was searching through internet for cheap(like where I would find those) weaver posp scopes when I came across whith this product:

Apparently you can listen what peopl..... animals are doing from 100m away. Since it is weaver it could be easily attached to scope. It could be quite awesome in bigger scenarios where you have real recon missions and you could use it to get some important information(listening enemy commander etc.)

Does anyone in here have any experience whith this kind of a things?
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That is an amazing find. I think I'll have to get one for the ops I go to. I haven't had any experience with it, but it sure would be easy to find enemy positions and listen to their plan while sniping.

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I have three woogie... :p That is a very good point though. Not really useful to know what they are saying unless you
Can relay the information to your team.

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The fact that you might want clear hearing for anything around you. Not saying that you couldn't hear over your mic, or the hearing thing but i definitely wouldn't want both ears clogged up with a bunch of chatter.
That's also a good point. Either way I think it'd be cool to try out. It would have helped to have one on my last op.

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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