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Yukon DSAS(Directional Sound Amplification System)

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I was searching through internet for cheap(like where I would find those) weaver posp scopes when I came across whith this product:

Apparently you can listen what peopl..... animals are doing from 100m away. Since it is weaver it could be easily attached to scope. It could be quite awesome in bigger scenarios where you have real recon missions and you could use it to get some important information(listening enemy commander etc.)

Does anyone in here have any experience whith this kind of a things?
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I'm not sure but I think it is max. 20cm. Probably it isn't as good as I already think in my head but as you said, it would be fun to try. Expensive but fun because if you can hear what enemys are talking about 100m away it would be so cool in scenarios(and why not in weekend games).

''The DSAS is compact, lightweight and very portable. The microphone features a self-contained power supply that is capable of providing uninterrupted operation for up to 300 hours. Effective wind protection significantly reduces the background noise of air currents. Volume is digitally controlled by means of small push buttons. The built in 1/4 Thread Mount makes it possible to attach the DSAS to most of Yukon's daylight optics. ''

It also comes whith headset. I had thought that IF you are playing whith spotter he can also be you radioman. Alone its different, but you can change between radio and DSAS. Then you can pass the main points to your commander.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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